Hi, my name is Patrick Gotthardt and I am an independed software consultant based in Germany.

During the last years I have picked up a lot of knowledge in many fields of software development. Ranging from creating Web-Applications, to creating Desktop Applications and eventually Command Line Applications and language recognizers and translators as well as automation tools (i.e. pantr). I’m fluent with a variety of programming languages including Java, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, C# and posess some knowledge of Scala, Ruby, Lisp and others. In addition, I have vast experience with designing and optimizing databases and database based applications.

In June, 2006, I had the opportunity to support one of my professors – Prof. Helmut Balzert – in writing the book “Java 5: Objektorientierte Programmierung” (in english: “Java 5: Object oriented programming”). This collaboration has been expanded when Prof. Balzert wrote “Java 6: Anwendungsentwicklung” where I got the chance to contributed a chapter on developing custom and specialized LayoutManagers for Swing.

I am working as an independend consultant for Jidesoft, as a freelancer, and have been working as a tutor for Web-Engineering and as developer of a software project at the university.

Recent Clients

As the sole developer of the jide.js project, I have developed a highly powerful, modern UI toolkit for creating web applications, based on modern development principles like data binding, separation of concerns and up to date web technology.
A very simple yet attractive Website for a local medical doctor. It has been designed and developed by Pagosoft in December 2009. Following the clients request, the Site was developed without a CMS as a static Website using Jekyll.

Another Website developed for a medical doctor. It is build using nanoc, a static site generator, and utilizes the 960.gs css framework.
The CMS that powers the website has been developed by me, as well as the implementation of the website in XHTML. I have participated in their development of yFiles for HTML, yFiles Ajax, yFiles for WPF, yFiles for Silverlight and various other core products. Part of my responsibility was to design and implement an Object model in Javascript that levels the Microsoft .NET Runtime.
mykro Logo
The client requested a simple yet elegant logo. The website was not designed by me.
“aiutare” is italian for “to help” and is the web presentation of my private tutoring business. I’ve chosen a simple design that puts emphasize on the content while providing a few visual effects to please the eye. The logo has also been designed by me.