During the years I have developed a set of useful and easy to use applications and software libraries. I provide those free of charge and usually under an OpenSource license like the Apache Software License 2 which gives you the right to use, modify, bundle and distribute my projects in private, open source and commercial projects.


The PgsLookAndFeel is a modern, cross platform LookAndFeel for Java/Swing. It’s goal is to provide a single look and feel for applications on Windows, Gnome and KDE. It is free and OpenSource, licensed under terms of the Apache Software License 2. Screenshots Source code We’re using git for version control management. The git repository is …

Pagosoft Action Framework

The Pagosoft Action Framework is a simple, yet powerful framework for working with the Swing Action-API. It is optimized for use in dynamic contexts (for example: in cooperation with a Plugin-Framework). It is being sucessfully used within the SimpleEdit IDE and has proven to be extremly useful. Like most Pagosoft-products, this one is licensed under …


pantr is PHPs answer to tools like rake and maven. It allows to automate tasks using the familiar PHP language. You can define dependencies on PEAR packages which will be installed, updated and removed locally and automatically. Because of its powerful task concept it can also be used as a framework to create PHP based …


ColorMixer is a powerful application for mixing colors. You choose a color and ColorMixer will calculate 8 harmonic colors based on the one you’ve chosen. It’s user interface offers lots of utilities to choose colors. It allows you to save color themes and even to parse templates. The color calculation algorithm has been developed by …


AppStarter is a simple tool meant to replace the rather limited quickstart that comes with windows. It enables you to easily and freely define a menu structure using a simple syntax that is both, easy to read and easy to write. Features Unlimited structure – use as much submenus as you like to Automatic retrieval …

Discountinued Projects

If you are looking for one of my discontinued projects feel free to contact me.

  • PgsOb – I use OS X and Windows 7 now and have no idea if it still works with OpenBox
  • DinoCMS – use wordpress instead.
  • PgsBindings – use any of the alternatives instead
  • EGBConstrains – use MigLayout instead.