PgsAction and Guice – a mix made in heaven

Close to 100 years ago I published an Open Source library called “PgsAction”. This library was targeted towards Swing developers who used Swings Action class. PgsAction supports to styles of usage. You can extend from the AbstractSystemAction class and gain transparent I18N support or you could use an Annotation-based API where you could specify that […]

Pgs_StringTemplate 1.0 beta 1 released

In my previous blog entry I introduced Pgs_StringTemplate. Today I’m announcing the first beta release of this project. It includes: The ST-Compiler An introduction to ST (based on my previous blog entry) The Treebank-website with complete source code (as an example of how to use ST), licensed under terms of the BSD license PgsParser-framework (though […]

Introducing Pgs_StringTemplate – yet another PHP template engine

There has been a lot of discussions about Template-Engines and PHP for years with opinions ranging from “PHP is a great template language on its own!” to “Using PHP for templates feels like shooting birds with a bazooka.” As for me, I remember having used PHP as a template language years ago and I don’t […]