The power of simple design

As most of you will probably know, I’m not exactly the world’s best designer, yet, I’ve recently had the most positive response a designer could recieve.

I accepted a client who wanted a simple WordPress installation and for me to help her pick the right (=cheap yet reliable) hoster. Naturally, I recommended her my long time hoster and the startup of a friend: I wasn’t biased one way or the other even though I had designed the logo for the friend. After I told her about the options I’d recommend she wanted to take a look at their websites.

If you haven’t looked at it yet, I’d like you to take a look at now. Their design is highly professional and they provide a lot of details on their website. My client was pleased for those very reasons. However, when I showed her, she focused only on one thing: the logo. She looked at it for a couple of seconds and said: “I’ll take that one!”

She made her decision based on the logo I designed and it took her only seconds to decide. There was no “bad” or “wrong” decision to make – both services are most suitable for her needs and the price is comparable – but it was a nice experience to see how a simple design beats a business one.

This really was one of my best professional experiences. I had gained nothing from it (I actually lost a couple of euros provision from all-inkl) but to see the reaction of an actual client of a client is something special. To see them being able to stand up to big competition because of a logo I designed – just awesome.