“Java 6: Anwendungen programmieren”, featuring me ;)

Just a quick note: One of my Professors at university, Prof. Dr. Helmut Balzert, has recently published his new book Java 6: Anwendungen programmieren (roughly “Java 6: Application development”). It is, obviously, written in german and I’ve again been asked to function as a reviewer and contribute some feedback. Furthermore I’ve had the honor to contribute a chapter on the development of a custom LayoutManager. Its just 7 pages strong but I think its quite acceptable. To say the truth: I think I’m spending like 3 pages on telling why you shouldn’t use the Null-Layout (from my experience the most common problem with Swing-beginners) and explaining that its actually pretty easy to implement a custom, highly specialized, LayoutManager. If you happen to read it be sure to send me some feedback. 😉

I wouldn’t say it’s the best book on Swing but for german students that’d like to get their feet wet with Swing, I can definitly recommend it. There are nice examples on not only Swing but MVC, automated testing of Swing applications, Databases and so on.

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