The power of simple design

As most of you will probably know, I'm not exactly the world's best designer, yet, I've recently had the most positive response a designer could recieve. I accepted a client who wanted a simple WordPress installation and for me to help her pick the right (=cheap yet reliable) hoster. Naturally, I recommended her my long [...]

PgsAction and Guice – a mix made in heaven

Close to 100 years ago I published an Open Source library called "|PgsAction|". This library was targeted towards Swing developers who used Swings Action class. |PgsAction| supports to styles of usage. You can extend from the |AbstractSystemAction| class and gain transparent I18N support or you could use an Annotation-based API where you could specify that [...]

“Java 6: Anwendungen programmieren”, featuring me ;)

Just a quick note: One of my Professors at university, Prof. Dr. Helmut Balzert, has recently published his new book Java 6: Anwendungen programmieren (roughly "Java 6: Application development"). It is, obviously, written in german and I've again been asked to function as a reviewer and contribute some feedback. Furthermore I've had the honor to [...]

Pgs_StringTemplate 1.0 beta 1 released

In my previous blog entry I introduced Pgs_StringTemplate. Today I'm announcing the first beta release of this project. It includes: The ST-Compiler An introduction to ST (based on my previous blog entry) The Treebank-website with complete source code (as an example of how to use ST), licensed under terms of the BSD license PgsParser-framework (though [...]

Introducing Pgs_StringTemplate – yet another PHP template engine

There has been a lot of discussions about Template-Engines and PHP for years with opinions ranging from "PHP is a great template language on its own!" to "Using PHP for templates feels like shooting birds with a bazooka." As for me, I remember having used PHP as a template language years ago and I don't [...]