Pagosoft Action Framework

The Pagosoft Action Framework is a simple, yet powerful framework for working with the Swing Action-API. It is optimized for use in dynamic contexts (for example: in cooperation with a Plugin-Framework).

It is being sucessfully used within the SimpleEdit IDE and has proven to be extremly useful.

Like most Pagosoft-products, this one is licensed under terms of the Apache Software License 2 – which means you may freely use it for whatever you’d like to.

We’re currently working on the documentation, thus you’ll need to read the Javadoc and look at the examples manually, while we’re creating the documentation.

Download PgsAction 1.0 RC 2


PgsActions provides lots of cool features, but one of them has the best chances to get you to try it: The ActionObject-class that enables you to transform every Object into an ActionObject (that implements Map<String,Action>) and all of its methods through a simple annotation into an Action.

// define an action-class
class Sample {
void handleSomething() {
// do something
ActionObject obj = new ActionObject(new Sample());
JButton btn = new JButton(obj.get("handleSomething"));