Extending the TagList with auto completion

Before we start, let me say this: The following tutorial, while interesting, is not compatible with jidejs-1.0.0-beta2. While writing the demo for it, I noticed a few bugs (will be fixed in beta3) that prevent the code presented here from functioning properly. I believe it is still a very interesting article about jide.js and highlights […]

Notifications in jide.js

Today we’ll create a number of controls that allow you to add notifications (think of Growl) to your website.

To do that, we need to create two controls: A Notification and a NotificationArea. The Notification will be the actual notification that displays your message to the user, while
the NotificationArea will be an area on the screen where the notifications should be displayed.

Creating a collapsible sidebar page with jide.js

There is an almost unlimited amount of useful or interesting controls you could create with jide.js. This time, we’ll create a page layout that has a collapsible sidebar. This type of control is extremely common for mobile applications, where screen space is a limited resource. As always, you can find the finished control in my […]

Syntactic sugar for classes in jide.js

jide.js comes with a simple class framework, jidejs/base/Class, however, you don’t have to use it if you don’t like it. jidejs/base/Class is quite simple. It helps you to extend from other classes, mix in other objects and define custom methods. Things tend to get ugly when you need to define ObservableProperties, though. Let’s take another […]